Brandon Paris agence de communication


Creating or lifting your brand, your packaging
or your communication

The organization of elements, balance and the sense of creation apply to all graphic media. Over the years we have demonstrated our ability to be competitive on the various communicative media. Thus your DNA is harmoniously reflected on various media useful in conveying your message.


3D modeling of your project: bottle, carafe, store, booth, store window

Our close links with manufacturers and our experience give us an optimal project management on this type of service.
3D modeling is invaluable as it allows:
- A realistic visualization of your product or project before launch
- Pre-validate your product to your customers
- To be an educational tool to introduce an innovation.


Printing, finishing, development of volumes, we provide the link with manufacturers

Our experience in developing specific volumes in partnership with industries, as well as our past in the Daedalus Group, implement our technical sensitivity. Offset printing, screen printing, sleeve, etc.
We support our creations in connection with industrials to be proactive when on prototyping or production.


An interlocutor is dedicated to you, bringing his expertise in marketing & communication

The aim is to supply a performant project management: planning, responsiveness and fluidity in exchanges.
In addition, our expertise in marketing and communication offers the possibility to outsource this expertise or to call us on specific issues:
- Defining your brand DNA, your brand book
- Product positioning
- Communication strategy, etc.

  • Our philosophy

    The support of our customers is what characterizes us: a sustainable and ethical relationship. Alone, we cannot guess your tastes, your goals, your working methods. Learning about each others takes time and requires a commitment of both parties on the projects at hand.
    This mutual awareness gives very good results.
    Our exchanges are intended to be responsive and professional and can cover all the branding needs.Our close links with industry allow us to be innovative. Also, prototyping is a step that we know well and in which we can provide sound advices.

  • Examples of problematic

    Our experiences in mass market as in selective distribution allow us to adapt our designs and consulting to your market issues:
    - What name to choose and how to position your brand?
    - Lifting of an existing product to update it without losing your loyal consumers
    - Adding a product: what positioning? how to integrate it in your offer?
    - Creation of tools for sale: which network? What goals do they fulfill?

  • Why choose us ?

    Ah ... great question. Aside from the fact that we are friendly and dynamic, our customers appreciate our graphic sense and our approach to the business. The trust established is solid. Our best reward: they stay and talk about us.